About Kent

Kent Boese (pronounced /bās/, "BASE") moved into Ward 1’s Park View neighborhood over a decade ago, where he has served as an elected leader championing community issues and providing exceptional constituent services.

Initially attracted to the community’s walkability, outstanding access to transportation, and traditional Washington rowhouse architecture, Kent quickly learned that proximity to the Metro and beautiful architecture are not the only things that make DC neighborhoods great; what makes a great neighborhood are a strong sense of community and a rich history of  courageous people from every walk of life who care enough to fight for equality, basic city services, better schools, and safer neighborhoods. That’s what won Kent’s heart and called him into a life of public service.

Originally Kent is from a small town in Illinois and comes from a family of educators — his great grandmother taught in a one-room country school house, his grandmother was an elementary school teacher, and his father taught high school mathematics. And like so many in the District, Kent came to the District to further his education.

Kent completing his Masters in Library Science at Catholic University while working at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, where he began at the Hirshhorn Museum library. Now, with nearly 25 years of experience in both museum and law libraries, he is Manager of Library Services at a D.C. Law firm.

He has served as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for the neighborhoods of Park View, Pleasant Plains, and Columbia Heights for nearly eight years. In his capacity as Chairman of ANC 1A, Kent has learned that balancing the needs of the community with the best interests of the entire District can be challenging, but time and time again he has achieved the best possible outcomes that add to the quality of life for all who call our neighborhoods home. Kent works hard to provide superior representation on issues great and small and everything in between — from complex, multi-phase real estate development projects to broken park benches; from neighborhood school modernization timetables and budgets to tree plantings.

Kent decided to run for Ward 1 Councilmember because he is committed to our community and Ward's continued growth in a progressive and inclusive manner. Kent and his husband Brian have lived in a rowhouse in Ward 1's Park View neighborhood for over a decade.


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