Affordable Housing and Development

Redeveloping Park Morton "will have a ... long-lasting positive impact on Georgia Avenue. In addition to increasing housing options at all levels of affordability, it will also have positive effects on public safety and development along the corridor." -- Kent Boese testifying before the DC Council.

Housing affordability and employment are among the most critical challenges facing the District of Columbia. Small businesses thrive when they can hire people who live in the neighborhood, yet housing prices are ever increasing making it difficult for Washingtonians to remain in their communities. Kent is dedicated to leveraging development to include a healthy mix of housing at all levels of affordability and keeping our city inclusive, diverse, and working.

Kent has actively participated in many development projects in Ward 1. Due to his efforts, Kent has found ways for several large development projects to be more compatible with Ward 1's century old neighborhoods. Some of Kent's achievements include:

  • Collaborated with the Holladay Corporation to preserve the facades of the Alsco/Linens of the Week property and convert the buildings to 225 new housing units (read more details here).
  • Worked with the developer to preserve and incorporate the William Sidney Pittman church at 777 Morton Street into a new housing development creating 24 new housing units.
  • Worked with the developer to preserve and incorporate the church at 625 Park Road into a new housing development creating 31 new housing units.

Park Morton

One of Kent's signature achievements has been his successful advocacy to redevelop the Park Morton Housing Complex. The project not only preserves and expands affordable housing  in Ward 1, but also is key to supporting small businesses and economic growth on the Georgia Avenue corridor. The redevelopment plan accomplishes:

  • Preserves 147 units of low-income housing.
  • Creates 155 new workforce housing units.
  • Creates 78 new senior housing units.
  • Creates 160 new market rate units.
  • Creates a permanent park at Georgia Avenue and Columbia Road.

Kent actively supported the project by:

  • Working diligently with the Park Morton community, neighbors, and DMPED to create a successful plan to rebuild the aging Park Morton housing complex.
  • Serving on the Park Morton Redevelopment Steering Committee (October 2015 to present).
  • Drafting and shepherding resolutions of support for the Park Morton Project, which were approved by ANC1A (read ANC1A resolutions supporting Cases 16-11 and 16-12).
  • Testifying before the DC Council on November 28, 2016, at the surplus and disposition hearing for the build-first site (read testimony before DC Council here).
  • Testifying before the Zoning Commission on December 5, 2016, and December 8, 2016, in favor of the project (read before Zoning Commission here).