Announcement Text

July 1, 2017

Hello Ward 1!

My name is Kent Boese, and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for the 2018 Ward 1 Democratic Primary for the DC Council. 

I am running to be the next Ward 1 Councilmember because I am committed to ensuring that our District government meets the needs of our residents.

Restoring Ward 1’s long legacy of providing excellent constituent services on issues great and small is one of my top priorities, and I will be the progressive advocate that maintains the rich diversity of our Ward as our neighborhoods continue to grow and prosper.

Because of our shared values, I will be your champion to ensure your voice has a seat at the table and is fairly represented among all those who live in the District and work to make it a great, inclusive community.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of responsive and timely constituent services or my commitment to it. My experience as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner has taught me that solving problems for the community better informs me to improve the quality of life for not just one resident, but all residents. For this reason, I see this as the most important role I can perform as your elected leader.

My commitment to this essential service has led me to approach every issue whether it be school modernizations, public safety and crime, or balancing big development in our densely populated neighborhoods not as isolated issues, but also as constituent service issues as they all impact people’s everyday lives and quality of life; that’s the difference between doing something for the community versus doing something to the community.

In addition to my commitment to un-paralleled constituent services, as your next Councilmember I am also committed to continuing Ward 1’s tradition of inclusive community outreach; responsible progressive legislation; and being engaged, responsive, and present in every neighborhood, a model which has serviced our communities so well in the past.

I believe that Government's job is to make sure that society's most vulnerable communities – those whose voices would not otherwise be heard – have seats at the table and representation. I believe elected leaders must ensure that policies and laws are fair and that all residents and communities benefit equally from the District's progress and success. To do this, we must know our communities and be engaged in them in order to recognize when the people most affected by proposed action are not engaged.  When this happens, we must take it upon ourselves to do the outreach necessary so that everyone benefits.

Having smart, talented, and responsive leadership is important to any community.  By working with the community, a Councilmember becomes the critical link that bridges the gap between the community and the District government to ensure that the city functions as its residents expect. 

Even though the job description of a Councilmember may be that of a legislator, the real job as I see it is to be a problem solver.  Only by being engaged with the community is a Councilmember able to learn about the hopes, dreams, needs, and services necessary for residents – all residents – to have the high quality of life they seek in their community.  By working the problem, a Councilmember in collaboration with residents can achieve superior and long-lasting results.

Ward 1 is so much more than a collection of neighborhoods defined by artificial boundaries like ANC Single Member Districts, Police Service Areas, and Education Clusters.  Instead it is an interconnected network of diverse communities that allows all voices to be heard and play a role in shaping the vision for their community.

My commitment and dedication to seeing that our community and Ward continue to grow in a progressive and inclusive manner has led to my decision to run to be your next Ward 1 Councilmember.  I CANNOT do it alone … I NEED YOUR HELP.

I need you to join the community of friends and neighbors, in making your voice heard as we shape a new vision for a New Ward One.