Constituent Services

"The real job of a Councilmember is to be responsive, accessible, and a problem solver." -- Kent Boese

Kent meets with residents, listens to their concerns, and acts to get results. He doesn’t just talk about constituent services, he’s been helping neighbors solve problems for over eight years.

With over 2,300 service requests and counting to repair potholes, graffiti, damaged and missing signs, and illegal dumping; here are just of few examples of Kent’s record of service to the community:Responsively solving community problems is one of the most important jobs of a Councilmember. Whether assisting with a missed trash collection, or helping seniors get their senior homestead tax deductions and navigating DC Government, giving people the level of service they deserve ensures that all who live in the District can enjoy a higher quality of life.

  • Working with developers and DC Government to deliver significant new family and senior housing at Park Morton and the Hebrew Home for households earning between $30,000-60,000 per year;
  • Strongly supported the creation of a Georgia Avenue Main Street (read letter of support); 
  • Engages MPD and other District agencies on issues of public safety; 
  • Helps senior residents get senior citizen homestead tax deductions;
  • Advocates to prioritize sidewalks and streets repairs;
  • Testifies at Zoning and DC Council hearings on important community issues;
  • Over 250 new trees planted in Ward 1.




Additional Reading

"While the District Council has annual oversight hearings to address agency responsiveness, I believe that responsiveness must be a daily commitment."

Boese, Kent. (2018, April 13). Candidate QuestionnaireCaribbean American Political Action Committee (C-PAC).


"We walked through a simple scenario of dedicated handicapped parking spaces and how he stays abreast of home sales and deaths to ensure that if the dedicated space is no longer needed, it’s put back into common parking. While that may seem like not so big of a deal to most, it is one of the things that is highly valued by his constituents, especially as parking becomes more limited."

Abdelaziz, Zina. (2016, December 21). Walking the walk in Park View: Talking with ANC Commissioner Kent BoesePetworth News [Blog].



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