Constituent Services

"While the job description of a Councilmember may be that of a legislator, the real job is to be a problem solver." -- Kent Boese

As both an elected official and neighbor, Kent delivers world class constituent services every day. He is responsive to constituents' needs and works hard to find solutions to their concerns. Due to his commitment to excellence, Kent proactively addresses issues and takes it upon himself to do the work when others in the District are unresponsive.

Kent was one of six to receive the 2017 In Honor Of Award in recognition of dedicated community service to the Georgia Avenue community

Kent's commitment to this essential service has led him to approach every issue whether it be school modernizations, public safety and crime, or balancing big development in our densely populated neighborhoods not as isolated issues, but also as constituent service issues as they all impact people’s everyday lives and quality of life.

Constituent Services is one of the most important jobs of a Councilmember. By solving problems, great and small, a Councilmember is better informed to make good decisions that directly impact every Washingtonian’s quality of life – everything from improving public safety to quality education; from regular trash collection to working street lights and replacing broken sidewalks.

Specific areas of Kent’s involvement include:

  • Personally responding, finding solutions, and following up on constituent concerns -- from parking, to flooded catch basins, to crime and everything in between.
  • Publishing and delivering a monthly newsletter to over 700 households in his Single Member District.
  • Working with seniors and residents to manage dedicated handicapped parking spaces.
  • Personally reporting over 2,200 service requests to DC 311, including requests to fix potholes, remove graffiti, replace missing or damaged street signs, and plant new street trees