Education and Parks

"I will continue working to improve our schools, modernize Ward 1 playgrounds & recreation centers, and invest in expanding green space so necessary for our growing neighborhoods." -- Kent Boese



(Read Kent's responses to the Washington Teachers Union Questionnaire)

Coming from a family of educators, Kent understands the importance of supporting teachers and programs in addition to keeping school buildings in good repair. His record shows a strong commitment to education and providing quality buildings where children can learn and where teachers can be successful. The first resolution Kent introduced as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner supported the District’s school modernization efforts.

Some examples of Kent's work to improve the District's schools:

  • Introduced resolution urging continuation of School Modernization Efforts (read resolution here).
  • Worked with Bruce-Monroe at Park View Elementary School to increase the scope of their first phase modernization.
  • Supported resolution urging thoughtful hire of Tubman Elementary School Principal (read resolution here).
  • Joined letter of support for the “Next Step Public Charter School” (read letter here).
  • Introduced resolution urging immediate final modernization of the Park View School building (read resolution here).
  • Advocated for continued modernization of Park View School building at 2014 Ward 1Budget Town Hall (watch video here).
  • Worked with Department of General Services and DC Public Schools to install elevators and lifts for Bruce-Monroe to Park View.



Parks, Green Space, & the Environment

(Read Kent's responses to the DC Sierra Club Questionnaire here)

(Read Kent's position paper on Community Use of DC Public School Athletic Fields here)

Kent also understands the importance of play and recreation. Kent has protected many playgrounds through his historic preservation work and he continues to advocate for the improvement and expansion of the District's recreation centers.

Some examples of Kent's work to improve District playgrounds include:

  • Advocated for a new recreation center building at Park View Recreation, resulting in $12.3m dedicated to achieve this goal in 2023.
  • Worked with the DC Council, Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of General Services, and community members to install a new basketball court, a new soccer field, a new playground, and a new adult exercise area at the Park View Recreation Center.
  • Worked with the Department of General Services and the Department of Parks and Recreation to renovate the main Park View Recreation Center building.
  • Testified before the DC Council and secured $400,000 to renovate the 1932 field house at the Park View Recreation Center (watch video here - (relevant section begins at 03:56:10 and runs to 04:10:19).

Additional Reading

"Out of school disciplinary action should be only be used in the most serious cases; and even then, students must continue to receive academic instruction and appropriate social services to address their needs."

Boese, Kent. (2018, May 21). Candidate Questionnaire. ACLU of DC.


"Access to quality public education is the civil rights issue of our time...Factors leading to achievement gaps include hunger, testing and teaching methods that may not be culturally aligned to students, do not take into account socio-economic factors, and a reliance on technology and computers for testing when children from lower income families don’t have access to these tools on a regular basis."

Boese, Kent. (2018, April 13). Candidate QuestionnaireJews United for Justice Campaign Fund.


"One part of the solution would be to address the impact of DC’s local Hatch Act laws that prevent school teachers from fully participating as advocates for education...Teachers must be allowed to speak freely about school conditions without fear and be allowed to run for public office and serve on the State Board of Education."

Boese, Kent. (2018, April 13). Candidate QuestionnaireCaribbean American Political Action Committee (C-PAC).


"By engaging school and neighborhood stakeholders in a collaborative process, an equitable and fair permitting system can be established that will better serve our many growing neighborhoods and achieve long overdue updates to District laws and regulations that help to meet the challenges of future District of Columbia residents."

Boese, Kent. (2017, August 1). Community Use of DC Public School Athletic Fields. [Position Paper]


"This is a case where a 35-year-old law is no longer meeting the needs of our community, so it’s time to revisit that ... but that's a long term fix."

Sadon, Rachel. (2017, July 20). On A Columbia Heights Soccer Field, The Effects Of Gentrification Play OutDCist [Blog].



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