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GLAA Rating

(Not Endorsement)

Kent received a rating of 9 out of 10, with GLAA stating: "Democratic candidate Kent Boese (+9) agreed with GLAA on all issues and offered strong substance in his questionnaire. He has a demonstrated record supporting LGBTQ issues."



“Victory Fund is pleased to endorse Kent Boese for the D.C. Council Ward 1 seat,” CEO Annise Parker said in a statement. “Kent’s commitment to smart public policy that addresses the real concerns of constituents makes him the best candidate for Ward 1. When he wins his  primary in June and the general election in November, Kent will become a vital LGBTQ voice.”

Click here to read Kent's statment on the Victory Fund endorsement.


With 70 percent in support, the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club endorsed Kent Boese for DCCouncil, Ward One. Click here to read Kent's Statement on winning the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club endorsement.


TENAC is a non-profit, public service organization dedicated exclusively to tenant interests, tenant rights, and support for rent control in the District of Columbia. They are the only city-wide tenants organization, and represent all tenants in the District of Columbia.


In addition to the above endorsements and ratings, Kent has a growing list of endorsements from community leaders, including:


"I love Kent Boese because when it comes to the vacant properties around here he does do his job he does it throughly we had a vacant property across thestreet on Park Road. He up the taxes on it so that the owners would either pay the taxes or sell it. And guess what? They have recently gutted that house and getting ready to, you know, fix it up and get somebody moved into it. So keep the good work up, man. Love you, Kent!"
Shonta High (see video)
President, Park Morton Residents Council


"I am voting for Kent Boese because he really and truly cares about all Ward One residents. He is not just lip service, he gets things done. He is the Chair of our ANC, he would make a wonderful Councilmember. I am proud to support him." 
Vickey Wright-Smith
Commissioner ANC1A02, Columbia Heights


“I have worked with Kent for over four years on Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) issues and collaborations between ANC1A and ANC1B and across all Ward One ANCs. Kent is a respected leader and knowledgeable on legislation and regulations that directly impact daily life in the Ward. Kent is committed to working to remove unnecessary and burdensome regulations, focus enforcement on important issues, and strengthen Ward One ANC operations to more effectively partner with the Council and Administration to solve problems.”
James Turner
Chair ANC1B, Columbia Heights


"Kent Boese is a thoughtful leader who has integrity. He leads with respect and works hard for all. That's why I'm voting for him."  
Oralia Puente
Founder of DC Latino Caucus, Educator, and Activist


“Clean alleys safe sidewalks litter gone - that is why I enthusiastically support Kent Boese for Ward One City Council. Our time and his time right now vote Boese all day long!”
Terry Lynch
35 year resident of Mt Pleasant


​Ted Guthrie
Commissioner ANC1C03, Adams Morgan


Rosalind Gilliam
Former Commissioner ANC1A12, Columbia Heights


Marvin Johnson
Former Commissioner ANC1A01, Columbia Heights


Bobby Holmes
Commissioner ANC1A09, Park View


Hector Huezo
Chair ANC1C, Adams Morgan


Amir Irani
Commissioner ANC1C01, Adams Morgan


Anita Norman
Commissioner ANC1B01, LeDroit Park


Amanda Fox Perry
Commissioner ANC1C08, Adams Morgan


Wilson Reynolds
Commissioner ANC1C07, Adams Morgan


Christine Miller
Commissioner ANC1A05, Columbia Heights


Yasmin Romero-Latin
Commissioner ANC1D04, Mount Pleasant


Alan Roth 
Former Chair ANC1C, Adams Morgan


William Brown, Jr.
Former Chair ANC1A, Columbia Heights


Patrick Flynn
Former Commissioner ANC1A06, Columbia Heights


Alan Gambrell
Former Commissioner ANC1C05, Lanier Heights


Lakisha Brown
Former Commissioner ANC1B04, U Street


Jerry Johnson
Commissioner ANC1B02, U Street


Denis James
Community Activist, Adams Morgan