Serving Seniors

"Our Seniors are one of the District's most precious and valuable resources. They are active and engaged members of our communities. When we support them, we support all those who will follow in their footsteps." -- Kent Boese.

The District's seniors are among the most engaged and informed residents in our neighborhoods. Their willingness to share their life's experiences makes them pillars of our community. Supporting the needs of the District's seniors ensures that they will remain in our community and that our neighborhoods will be safer and stronger.


​To provide more support for our seniors and help them age in place, Kent wants to strengthen the Senior Citizen Homestead deduction by:

  • ​Increasing the qualifying total federal adjusted gross income of the senior homestead deduction of everyone living in the property from $130,550 to $200,000.
  • ​For seniors who apply for the homestead deduction later than the qualifying age 65 to receive a tax refund for each year they have over paid.
  • Freezing property taxes for seniors on fixed incomes from future tax increases.

Kent's assistance to seniors ranges from basic constituent services to advocating for expanding housing options so they can age in place whether it be in their home or in their neighborhood. Examples of Kent's service include: 

  • Strongly supporting the creation of 90 new senior apartments at the old Hebrew Home on 1125 Spring Rd.
  • Successfully advocated to create 78 new senior housing units in the redevelopment of Park Morton
  • Working with DDOT to get handicapped parking spaces when needed and removing them when no longer needed.
  • Supporting efforts to improve traffic and pedestrian safety and keeping our sidewalks in good repair.
  • Supporting the Bernice Fonteneau Ward One Senior Wellness Center with donations and grants in response to their programs and needs.