Small Business and Jobs

"Our local and neighborhood-based businesses are the backbone of a vibrant Ward 1 -- they srengthen communities, create jobs, and provide services we depend upon every single day." -- Kent Boese

The availability of good jobs is among the most critical challenges facing Ward 1 and the District of Columbia. Not only do small businesses thrive when they hire people who live in the neighborhood, the jobs small businesses provide throughout the District of Columbia make it possible for people to live here.

Supporting and growing local industry and businesses, and thereby creating jobs for Ward 1 residents, must be a top priority for the next Ward 1 Councilmember. Rather than coming up with new ways to tax businesses and reduce employment opportunities, the focus should be on eliminating unnecessary burdens to those who wish to operate a business in the District.

I am committed to supporting our local businesses, advocating for efforts like the Georgia Avenue Main Street (read letter of support here), and identifying opportunities to help close the income inequality gap that exists in the District of Columbia. Only by supporting and growing our local business base will D.C. be able to create the jobs that residents seek and need, so that everybody has a fair opportunity to participate and prosper.