"Streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks need to be safe and in good repair for pedestrians and all modes of transportation alike. A superior transportation network is necessary to maintain our vibrant economy, support our small businesses, and get us all where we are going." -- Kent Boese


Whether one bikes, walks, rides the bus, takes Metro, or uses car-sharing, a safe and reliable transportation system is essential to a vibrant community. Ward 1 has good access to transportation options now, but there is room for improvement. Many streets suffer from inadequate or aging street lighting, insufficient street trees, or barriers to those with disabilities. Kent is committed to finding ways to making our streets, sidewalks, and bike trails safe and in good repair for all those who use them.

(Read Kent's responses to the All Walks DC Questionnaire)

Some examples of Kent's work to improve streets, sidewalks, and public space include: 

  • Supported District Department of Transportation effort to install Barnes Dance at 14th and Irving streets, NW (read letter of support here).
  • Supported express bus service on 14th Street and introduced a resolution advocating for the District Department of Transportation to improve traffic conditions at 14th Street and Park Road (read resolution here).
  • Successfully advocated for the repair and replacement of the sidewalk along New Hampshire Avenue between Georgia and Princeton, removing significant trip hazards and rat burrows.
  • Successfully worked with DDOT to reconfigure the Otis Place sidewalk between the Park View school and recreation center to accommodate eight new street trees.
  • Collaborated with residents and successfully advocated for a traffic signal at Georgia Avenue and Newton Place.
  • Successfully supported residents and got an all-way stop sign at Warder Street and Princeton Place.
  • Secured additional bike racks to the 3600 block of Georgia Avenue supporting the needs of small businesses.
  • Introduced resolution advocating for installation of a HAWK light at Georgia Avenue and Newton Place (read resolution here).
  • Led ANC1A in advocating for DDOT to adhere to American Medical Association's recommended use of warm 2,700-Kelvin LED lights in Washington's streetlights (read resolution here) (read AMA statement here).
  • Partnered with neighbors and Casey Trees in the fall of 2016 to add new trees to the Park View neighborhood.
  • Introduced a resolution advocating for the retention and restoration of Georgia Avenue Great Streets funding.
  • Worked with the District Department of Transportation during Middle Georgia Avenue Great Streets project.
  • Introduced a resolution recommending extension of Circulator bus route to Georgia Avenue (read resolution here).



Additional Reading

"...many of our children rely on public transportation to get to school and seniors rely on it for doctor appointments. If we do not support a strong and well-funded public transportation system, we deny families the opportunity to work and thrive in the District of Columbia."

Boese, Kent. (2018, April 13). Candidate QuestionnaireJews United for Justice Campaign Fund.


"Additional funding priorities I would advocate for, are pedestrian tunnels connecting stations such as Chinatown and Metro Center, and the construction of new exits from stations that improve access to neighborhoods."

Boese, Kent. (2018, April 6). Candidate Questionnaire. D.C. Chapter of the Sierra Club. 


“Aside from adding housing options to the area for both low and middle-income residents, the project could be a chance to expand Capital Bikeshare in a place where demand for the service often outpaces supply.”

Boese, Kent. (2016, July 7). A new bikeshare station could be a side benefit to this housing redevelopment. Greater Greater Washington [Blog].


“People want more ways to get around by foot and on bike in the corridor that runs from from Columbia Heights to Brookland, and they want them to be safer.”

Boese, Kent. (2016, May 31). New bike lanes and dedicated bus lanes could connect Columbia Heights and Brookland. Greater Greater Washington [Blog].



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